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Birth Packages

All Packages Include:

Free Consultation 

This meeting is completely pressure free, giving you an opportunity to ask as many questions as you'd like and to see if my services are right for you. You may take all the time you need to decide. I can also give referrals for other birth doulas. This visit can take place at anytime during your pregnancy.

Phone & Email Support 

I encourage my clients to keep in close contact with me by phone and email between our in-person visits. This will allow me to provide supplemental information and to answer questions as your birth approaches. This support extends to the postpartum period, where I can direct you to a variety of resources in the community.

2 Prenatal Visits 

During your pregnancy, I will help you prepare for birth by working with you and your partner to create birth wishes (plan), including your priorities for your birth and your preferences. These wishes (plan) can be used as a tool to make sure everyone you invite to your birth, including any medical professionals, understand your desires and preferences for the birth of your baby.

I will also help by providing evidence-based information and resources so you can ask great questions and make informed decisions about your birth.

Prenatal visits also provide us with the opportunity to become familiar with each other and build a strong relationship moving towards your birth.

Baby’s First Feeding Support 

Once your baby arrives and if you have previously disclosed that you want to breastfeed I will promote breastfeeding by assisting and observing you and your baby. I will help you to become familiar on how to recognize a good latch, how to read your baby’s feeding cues and then encourage frequent skin-to-skin.

Labouring Birth Package

During labor 

Labor support is continuous care for the length of your labor.

During labour I will care for your physical and emotional well-being by using comfort measures such as massage and relaxation techniques, breathing guidance, position support, verbal encouragement and a caring hand.

I will be helping to create a space where the hormones of labor can work at their best.

I will encourage and support your birth partner in being as involved as they’d like with the birth. Physical and emotional support make a huge difference for everyone involved.

I will serve as a bridge of communication between you and your care providers, lifting you up to help you find your voice and advocate for the very best care.

I will also help you preserve your birth memory by taking pictures (if you choose)

Cesarean Birth Package

Postpartum Follow-up Visit 

At your postpartum visit we can review your birth story including all important events and moments during labour.  

If you had chosen to have pictures taken I will be giving you a USB stick with all your precious moments captured.  

This is also a great time to talk about postpartum depression and what to be aware of.  Knowledge is power.

I will also be giving you a detailed list of community supports and referral for your new mom convenience.

+ An additional postpartum visit added to cesarean birth package.

Community Referrals

I have a very comprehensive community support and resources list that I will share with you and your partner including Lactation consultants, walk in clinics, parent groups and many more.   

Scheduled Cesarean

I will help you deal with your flowing emotions about the surgery in general and will be able to offer reassurance to you and your partner on what to expect. 

I can provide you with answers about some options that you have during the cesarean. I can provide evidence based information to questions you will have on your surgery. Once baby is out, I can stay with you (if allowed by the physician) while your partner takes pictures of baby and stays with baby to monitor the procedures you have agreed to. When you are recovering I will stay with your partner and baby offering you both a peace of mind.

Once you are back into your hospital room I will be able to assist you with skin-to-skin and initiating breastfeeding. While in recovery you may still be lying flat and find it near impossible to hold baby and breastfeed on your own so having a professional will be the key to success.

With the cesarean birth package you will receive an additional postpartum visit where I can help with meal planning, light housekeeping and support during your recovery.

In Labour
As a Doula, I  Do Not:

Make decisions for you 

This is your birth, your body, your baby.  I do not make any decisions for you.  My speciality is to support you in your choices.


Perform any clinical tasks

A Doula does not preform any clinical or medical tasks, such as taking blood pressure or temperature, fetal heart tone checks, vaginal examinations or postpartum clinical care.

Speak to the staff on your behalf

I do not and will not speak to the hospital staff/Doctors/nurses on your behalf but I will encourage and support you so your voice is heard.

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

Your birth, your body, your baby.  As a doula what is important to you becomes important to me. I am here to support you to the best of my ability. 

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